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Rolling Subscription Cyber Security 


Next-generation protection
Machine Learning technology
Ransomware Protection
Built in Firewall

DNS PRotection

Block threats at the domain level
Web filtering Content Control
DNS filtering stops up to 88% of known malware at the domain layer

Vulnrability testing

Testing for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers

Random Phishing simulation testing

Human Risk Assessments

Access to monthly user awareness training content on our Cyber training website.

How can hackers affect a business?

The full cost of a serious data breach, ransomware or virus can be enormous.
Many industries have security regulations to protect customer data – And they come with hefty fines if a company fails to uphold their end of the security requirements. Some of these fines can be so drastic that the business simply cannot continue.  Aside from fines, think about the reputation damage that comes with a serious data breach. Sensitive documents could have been leaked, customer data leaked and sold on and much more. Your suppliers may refuse to work with you after such a breach. A secondary but also significant part of this cost is notification. For sensitive information like healthcare records, a company must notify all their customers immediately that data was stolen – And e-mail isn’t always an option. Postage adds up very quickly when you’re required to send out hundreds or thousands of first-class letters! A virus or ransomware attack could stop you using your software and systems which would have a direct effect on your revenue, and without backups you may not even be able to get your data and systems back up and running in time. Systems down could mean late payments to suppliers,  missed invoicing , and a whole heap of very messy problems.  What's  more  simple  antivirus solutions is no longer enough to prevent  all of this. A full Cyber security package is required to offer you the best chances of prevention, which includes security awareness training, a sophisticated range of protection solutions and of course  & backup package to  prevent such attacks and minimize the risk to business.

We tackle cyber security using a range of physical, technical and administrative controls in order to combat the risk to a business. Aside from all of the technology we implement to combat potential threats we also have our very own Cyber training website that's updated monthly with user awareness training. We provide access to this when you subscribe to our cyber security service where we publish easy to understand  cyber security videos that are only two or three minutes long, so very little time is taken up  during your work day to learn. 

We update this on the 1st of every month so we recommend that company's adopt a morning meeting on this day where the new content can be shown to all staff members.

In addition  to this we constantly  maintain and monitor the risk to your business by monitoring all your group policy settings, applications, user  behaviour  risks, and much more to provide a bespoke security service to each client to ensure that proactive  steps are taken to keep you secure.

We offer 3 different managed cyber security services. Cyber Safe, Cyber Secure, Cyber Vault.

How secure are your IT systems ?

You need our Cyber Assessment service

Paid upfront, our Cyber assessment aims to provide assurance that your business systems are protected from unauthorized access or change and that good practices are followed to ensure the safety and security of your IT environment. 
A series of checks and vulnerability assessments are carried out on site to which we then deliver a report of recommendation should anything need addressing.  We will let you know all the good and weak points of your environment which if nothing else is a service worth having. ​This service is a one off fee at £475.00 - £675.00 depending on location

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business guaranteed to not suffer a cyber attack? 

Cyber criminals are constantly investing new ways to attack businesses. Think of us like a security guard for your business. The guard provides prevention, deterrence, improved security, and also a quick response when an incident happens. However like you hiring a security guard, there are no 100% guarantees, a criminal if very clever may be able to slip past.  What we can promise is that the risk to your business is lowered drastically, we monitor and conduct live risk assessments, train your users and as soon as we notice something suspicious we are ready to act, prevent and deter. 

What are the benefits?

Many industries have security regulations to protect customer data – And they come with hefty fines if a company fails to uphold their end of the security requirements. When using our Cyber security service you are shown to be taking a serious and proactive approach to your IT security. If you suffered an incident, The ICO would know that you have taken due care to invest in all the reasonable measures to prevent the incident.

How much does your Cyber Security service cost?

The pricing of a cyber security service varies depending on the size of your company.  We always suggest a free consultation , and our paid upfront cyber assessment to really work out the business need and risk so we can put together an appropriate plan of action and a quote.

The good news is that we don't tie you into a contract, so everything is simply paid on a monthly rolling direct debit. We do this because we are so confident in our services that we see no reason or benefit in tying our customers into lengthy complicated contracts.  All we ask is 1 months written cancellation notice so we have the time to de-commission your security plan.

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