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Cyber Safe Service

Suitable for small business with up to 10 users .  
Best for companies that don't hold large amounts of customer data.

Endpoint Protection & Firewall

No matter where your employees are or what they're doing online, our Endpoint security package keeps your devices safe and free from intrusion.  Our endpoint protection software Includes protection for  malware, phishing and ransomware, as well as password and webcam protection to safeguard your employees’ online identities.

Patch Management & USB Protection

All your devices will receive the latest security patches within 14 days of release.  This is overseen by our Security helpdesk to ensure all devices are compliant in order to meet the cyber essentials standard. We also include USB protection to prevent employees from using unauthorized removable storage devices  to stop data theft, data loss, and malware infections.

Unlimited Security Helpdesk advice

If you have any security concerns or you are worried about  an email or application being safe, you can contact our helpdesk and we will be more than happy to investigate and advise you accordingly.  We offer unlimited remote support regarding Security concerns and questions.

£30.00 Per Device Per Month

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