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About our Cyber Vault - Built for resilience

We manage the security technology for you so you don't have to. You can focus on what you want because we have it covered.

This is the ultimate security package for a business that wants top-notch security. You are supported by physical, technical, and administrative controls to make it as hard as possible for your systems to be compromised.  We protect and monitor everything from the domain layer onwards. We also monitor the human behaviour on your devices to identify users that are the biggest risk to your security. This enables us to deliver customized training targeted at specific individuals. We also simulate phishing emails randomly to see which users would click the dodgy link, we can use the data gathered to improve internal training. Our endpoint protection has a premium ransomware shield stopping the most advanced attacks as well as machine learning technology to stay ahead of the criminals. Our Vault package is rather bespoke, as we look at the specific devices that you use and vulnerability test them to see if we can exploit any weakness. In other words, we ethically attempt to hack them. If we find a weakness, we then put the measures in place to secure the vulnerability. Our cyber vault package is a fully managed IT security service for your business and it's ideal for those companies that want the best protection.

This package is charged on a monthly rolling subscription and we can provide a quote after a cyber assessment to tailor this specifically for your needs. This package suits those that have on-premise servers and hold lots of confidential data. 

Cyber Vault

Our best security package, managed prevention, detection & response service by our security analyst

Unmatched Endpoint Protection & Firewall

Our ultimate endpoint protection is incredibly advanced. We  tested this against 5 other competitors offering similar solutions and our chosen partner managed to stop all simulated attacks. We took this a step further by running a script that pushed hundreds of known viruses to the endpoint every second to create a denial of service type attack and it blocked every single one No matter how much we stressed the application.  This solution alone provides you an extremely high level of endpoint security.

Web Filtering
& Patch Management

Our Cyber Vault service includes content control on all devices to block suspicious, unsafe, and unsavory websites from your network.  we have 80 different categories we block by default but we can also blacklist and whitelist custom addresses. We are able to block  88% of known malware at the domain layer just with this alone. We also provide patch management to ensure all the latest security fixes are applied within 14 days of release to meet the cyber essentials standard.

Live Risk Management

We run a risk scan every hour on your network which produces the results on our security dashboard that's monitored by the helpdesk. Each hour we receive a security risk score which is generated by using information on security updates, application patching, human behavior risks,  vulnerabilities and many other parameters.  Our Security team aim to keep your score the lowest possible and any recognized change is responded too as high priority on the helpdesk.

Cyber Security Induction Training

All new staff will receive cyber security induction training using our online platform that we have developed for the Cyber Secure and Cyber Vault service. This training helps educate your staff on modern cyber security threats in a fun and informative way using short animated video scenarios. User awareness is key to beating most cyber attacks in business.

Cyber Security User Awareness Training

We have developed a monthly blog that members of our cyber secure and vault package have unlimited access too.

Each month we post fun and informative videos about the latest security threats to keep a constant awareness level among users.  The first of every month this is updated and we recommend they are introduced into staff meetings to guarantee exposure to our training material. 

Unmatched prevention technology to deter and prevent attacks before they harm your business

We like to stay ahead of the criminals  so we use a form of artificial intelligence to make predictions on security issues which allow us to patch, secure and advise our clients which deters and prevents attacks before they harm your environment.

Vulnerability Testing

We will run a vulnerability test on your servers to check of insecure settings that can be exploited by hackers.  We identify the risks and mitigate them to lock your services down from unauthorized access.

In addition we run simulated tests by sending our fake phishing emails periodically to test user knowledge and pick out vulnerabilities in staff awareness.

Bespoke Security Advice

We provide advice to our clients regarding their specific network setup rather than just providing generic advice fit for all.  We look at your specific setup and think clearly about critical areas, and hypothetical scenarios that we could protect against. This may include the recommendation of specific password managing software, Mobile phone management tools, and much more.

Unlimited Security Helpdesk support

If you have any security concerns, queries or questions our helpdesk are always on hand to provide free advice and recommendation. We offer unlimited remote support regarding security matters.

We also Create Cyber Security Policies For Your Business

We  Create Internet Usage Policies For Your Business

We Check your procedures & policies for security risks

Quoted After A Cyber Assessment

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