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Managed IT Support Contracts

Watch our video where we explain what a managed IT support contract is. - COMING SOON

So what do you get for your Money?

We use the below technologies to implement your IT support contract .

Ticket System

When you choose one of our contracted IT packages, Every device that's supported will have access to a support portal, where tickets can be logged for faults that have occured during the day. A Technician will be assigned the case in accordance witht he SLA and will look to resolve the issue at hand.

Service Level Agreement

We will set service level agreements to ensure that your IT support tickets get a response in a specified period of time so you wont have to wait too long for a first response.

Systems Monitoring

Alerts are the first step in being a proactive IT service provider. we setup specific alerts that will notify a technician in real-time about potential problems before they happen so we can solve them in advance. 

Patch Management

We can manage updates and security patches on all of your devices to ensure that everything is running the latest version.

Remote Assistance

Every device included in the IT support contract will get unlimited remote support through our service desk 

Advanced Remote Maintenance

We have a suite of specialist tools that can be accessed remotely without distrupting the user. From Task Manager to Service Manager and capabilities to run scripts, install patches and run virtually any command needed in the background to keep your assets working smoothly and with minimal disruption for the end user.

Cyber Security

Each device will receive a managed cyber security package. Should there be a security concern, the system will quarantine a suspect file and  a ticket will automatically be raised to alert our technicians to evoke a quick response. and investigate taking any necessary action that may be required.


Pay a fixed fee per device and receive a monthly bill. Contracts can be as little as 3 months to 12 months. We can offer rolling contracts after 3 months if requested.


On site support is usually charged at £45.00 for the call out and first hour.

With a contracted support it will be charged at £30.00 for call our and first hour

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